Broodmare Managment

broodmaremngpageProsperity Farms main focus and specialty lies in broodmare management. We are a complete broodmare and foaling facility. Our breeding program has been utilizing frozen semen and helping clients with embryo transfer for over 10 years. Andrea has been breeding Sport Horses since 1999.

Our Program endorses proven practices for the management of Sport Horse Broodmares and their foals. Free exercise, complete proteins and mineral in a balanced feed coupled with expert handling and medical care promotes successful breeding practices and healthy horses.


  • Complete and Balanced Nutrition is paramount in a young horse’s growth and development. We feed Buckeye products, using Gro’NWin as the cornerstone protein and lysine source.
  • Loose Mineral & Salt and provided daily
  • Free Feed hay and Forage – Each horse has free-choice 24 hour a day.


  • Turn out is provided 7 days a weeks
  • In Small groups to encourage exercise
  • Monitored for herd dynamics to minimize injury and maximize the mares comfort.


  • Prosperity Farms Professional Foaling Services Utilizes;
    • Experienced foaling attendants present 24 hours a day
    • Foal Alert System
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Chemtrix Calcium Milk Testing
    • Ph Milk Testing

Breeding Methods

  • Prosperity Farms specializes in insemination with frozen semen. Our success rates are well above the national average.
  • Prosperity Farms works closely with Embryo Transfer specialists and readily accepts clients mares for breeding and flushing.
  • Prosperity Farms can readily handle any cooled shipped semen.
  • Prosperity Farms maintains nitrogen tanks for the storage of frozen semen securely on site.