Our Facility


Prosperity Farms encompasses 80 acres, in beautiful Williston, Florida. Surrounded by a multitude of lovely shade trees and rolling pastures We offer a safe environment for all your equine needs in a relaxing, quiet setting.

facility4Main Barn 

Our Main barn consists of 16 stalls. Our main barn was designed to provide the coolest environment during Florida summers.

Our stalls are open and airy, while maintaining the safety and security of each individual horse. Accommodations include, 9 12×12 stalls and  7 12×24 stalls ideal for our breeding program and long term lay-ups that require 24 hour stall rest. Two covered wash racks and one grooming stall. Our air condition tack room, insures an ideal environment for Tack and supplies, especially during Florida summers.

Surrounding the Main Barn are several three board turn out paddocks and our Mare and Foal paddocks. The safety and security of our horses is one of our main priorities.

Our Standard Size Dressage Arena is nestled just behind the main barn for ideal access.  It is fully enclosed to provide security for our youngsters, horses and riders alike. Our clay footing is well maintained to ensure the best comfort and support.

Our Grass Jump Field is complete with a full course of standards and offers safe footing in a lovely shaded setting.

Isolation Barn

Our Isolation barn consist of two well isolated stalls. In the event of necessary quarantine we are prepared to insure the safety of each individual horse, while maintaining the comfort of all.

Training Barn – 2016

Currently under construction our 10-stall Training barn is equipped with two wash racks and will be utilized to house our youngsters as they are introduced to becoming well-mannered partners.


 Turn Outbarncollage

We offer individual Turn Out as needed in a variation of sized turn outs to accommodate to the horses particular needs. All turn outs are three board, cross fenced with 8-10 isle ways to insure safety. We are a box wire free facility and only utilize safety twine hot wire. Each turn out is monitored for use to ensure it offers adequate shade and fences are maintained on a daily basis.

It is our belief and recommendation that horses are kept in age similar small groups and allowed socialize and develop in a small herd environment. This belief encompasses the thoughts that as young to horses they teach and learn from each other the natural horse behavior and herd dynamics vital to developing their minds and behavior patterns. Horses are free to run, gallop and play. This provides for normal amounts of stress and conditioning needed to develop strong tendons and ligaments, thus drastically reduces injuries later in life. A 100% nutritionally complete diet , structured for that of young growing horses is followed. The correct mineral and protein balances are strictly adhered to. This drastically reduces incidences of OCD, DOD, and epiphisitis in growing horses.