Breeding Program

Prosperity Farms Breeding Philosophy

Our mares represent a staunch commitment to “Mother-lines”, we truly believe in assessing the mare, her mother, mother’s mother and sisters. These commitments surround our belief that a stallion can only improve on the mare. If one starts with an average mare you will improve on that mare, but to improve on the stellar mare is where excellence in breeding begins.


Our dressage foals carry international pedigrees and are by stallions proven in both international dressage competition and in the ranks of the world’s best producers of dressage horses. We study the genetic trends and “nicks” used by the Europeans to breed the entire athlete. Please visit our foals page to see many examples of the consistent quality produced by our lovely mares.

The jumping foals are expressly produced for the high performance ring. They all have exceptional conformation but we do not breed to “hunter breeding sires”. The sires used in our program are exceptional jumpers themselves and produce exceptional jumping foals. Temperament, ride ability, canter and jumping ability are the keys to our program. The high performance hunter is unique to the US market and requires a solid jumping foundation to be successful at the 4 foot level.